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Office wave by Alax

Imagine an interior where design combines the beauty of brands with the functionality of the office furniture sold together with room for action. In fact, even a furniture showroom can deliver

a distinctive story and multifunctional engagement instead

of a pretty display of furniture.

A story of the wave that ALAX decided to incorporate further in its communication. A fresh story in which the inspiration of sea, sound or acoustic waves meet us, pulsating through the interior, creating an atmosphere of harmony and productivity so that you can fully immerse yourself in the work flow. Whether you come to choose furniture for your business or or to learn about ergonomics, you'll feel comfortable here.


On the wave...

Wave. Unrestrained marine or dynamic sound. Constantly in motion. An inspiration that has been reflected in the interior in the form of luminous and sound waves on the ceiling or acoustic elements across the space. The Baltic wave is inspired by Lithuania, where the main furniture brand sold in the showroom comes from. Acoustics and the associated sound propagation, i.e. the sound wave, in turn plays a key role in the portfolio and needs of the companies.

There is a wave of tradition attached to all of this, as the showroom stands on the site of the original tin factory in Corso Karlín, which was the inspiration for the choice of materials for the realisation. Add to this the environmental wave of trends used in the choice of materials and within the portfolio of brands sold and ALAX's friendly approach. The circle of #officevawebyalax is coming full circle.
The wave, the friendly one, as it were.
What's more, it's a marketing idea that has a secondary overlap with ALAX's communications, whether it's a showroom or perhaps a campaign.
The wave is still pulsating and turning your interiors into reality with its energy.



The time from design to realisation was incredibly short - the first sketch in July and by the end of October it was finished.  Such a short time from design to implementation required extremely quick reactions, technical knowledge, decision-making ability and a very flexible approach on both sides. The design idea was presented in July and the final design was finalised, including documents and drawings for production, in mid-August, when we and the client were already selecting materials and colours from the pre-selected manufacturers' swatches. Implementation then took just two months with ongoing consultations and inspection days.

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