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Optika Anděl - brand of angel opticians

We created a  extensive brand and brand identity for Optics Anděl and modified the elements in their first store in Smíchov area. This was followed by an interesting retail concept of the new optics at Národní Street in Prague. However, unlike the original angelic optics, it remains in the form of a concept thanks to the corona crisis.

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Inspiration by an angel
and Snellen board

By combining Snellen's board with the shape and elements of an angel, it laid the foundation for the simple logo of  Optika Anděl (Angel Optics). The initial letter "O" at the top as a head and a halo is supplemented by a simple typography continuing on in principle of a rotated Snellen board, which we know as a test basis for an eye examination.

The logo thus gained symbolic simplicity and legibility. The basic color combinations of black and blue are complemented by playful colors that select individual individual parts of optics and marketing communication.
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Brand like no other

We eliminated the clichés in the form of glasses, frames or in the case of Optika Anděl, a shape of an angel at the very beginning of brand identity development. Still, they basically stayed in our logo (kind of invisibly).  Subliminal, minimalist, just different. The design shows that even such a small brand can be completely distinguished from everything that is commonly seen in the segment. In addition, the ladies you meet at the store will provide you with real angelic care, and so the imaginary perfect retail marketing trinity (design, product, people) met here in perfect harmony like the Holy Trinity in the Baroque painting. And the symbols are interconnected. Unobtrusively. Angelic.

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