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Angel Optics at Národní street

We didn't just create an comprehensive brand for Optika Anděl (Angel Optics). But also an interesting concept of a new store at Národní street in Prague, which aimed to sell the "national" design glasses from Czech designers. The store attracts with its novelty, decadence
and the angelic ethereality of the customer inside, where he will be welcomed by a modern, fully functional and unique interior full of unexpected details.

Optika Anděl_Národní_01.jpg

Angel details

Sales counter as angel wings, backlit pearl polycarbonate wall for glasses, kerosene wall surfaces and accessories in combination with soft mint and pink colours evoking an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The floor, with its new pattern and materials, evokes the original Neo-Baroque appearance of the house from the beginning of the 20th century and adds tradition to the store. Concrete elements, on the other hand, calm the space and connect it with modern minimalism. The interior also deals with details such as glass displays, rotating mirrors or an intimate zone with a decadent touch for eye examination.

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Alignment of the
brand and place

Angels on National. Even so, it is possible to perceive the intention, which aimed to connect the brand of Prague's angelic optics with the place where Czech history was broken. And where perhaps Angels watched over the students and wished the success of our future. This connection gives space possibility for further (not only) marketing communication and development. 

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Optika Anděl_Národní_25.jpg

Binding of materials
to history

We chose selected materials not only in connection with angel optics and its brand. But also with the knowledge that the space is located in a neo-baroque Prague house. Therefore, for example, brass, terrazzo, or valuable upholstery fabrics appear in the concept.But everything in contrast
with new elements today.

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