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Beer in a container in Brno

The container shop-in-shop originated as a non-traditional form of beer sale in the region where Starobrno has its anchored business position.

The solitary, effectively lit shop-in-shop in the Albert hypermarket in Brno offers an unconventional opportunity to purchase not only local brand beer, but also associated merchandise. The entire shop-in-shop is placed in a container so that it attracts in a similar way as if the customer were walking through the marketplace. The space adores the symbols of the city of Brno in the form of stories and thus always offers local patriots something extra. It includes built-in cooling technologies and it is possible to place equipment for the sale of fresh beer in the space.

Starobrno 06.jpg

Cold metal and cold beer ...

The container solution plays out emotions with the help of reflections and reflections of light, which are created thanks to the metal used on the floor and colored backlighting. At the same time, at first glance, the cool space is insulated with wooden decor and warm light, which focuses on the products themselves. Beer is available in various forms of packaging, even in refrigerated display cases.

Starobrno 01.jpg
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