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At the Tail

Small but beautiful. You could easily describe a unique pet shop,

which focuses on unique equipment for pets.

And because the store is very original, we also chose an original approach

to design. France and its timeless elegant style a la Provence won. On the contrary, the name was chosen very Czech: U ocásku. We helped with that too.

The combination of white and warm wood together with a touch of lavender purple is a feast for the eyes and an attraction with a touch of distance.

u ocasku 26 a.jpg

Haf and yummy, even dogs have taste ...

A unique store demands a unique approach.
And so a relaxation zone was created in the store area with a comfortable couch for owners and a place to rest for pets.
There are tastings of their own animal snacks and thematic events, so the space becomes not only a shop, but also a meeting place for a community of animal lovers.

Good taste and paw for it!

u ocasku 05 a.jpg
u ocasku 04 a.jpg
u ocasku 01 a.jpg
u ocasku 06 a.jpg
u ocasku 27.jpg
u ocasku 28.jpg
u ocasku 09 a.jpg
u ocasku 23 a.jpg
u ocasku 24 a.jpg
u ocasku 10 a.jpg
u ocasku 29.jpg
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