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Radek Škornička, TETA drogerie

Radek Škornička, PK Solvent,

marketing manager,

TETA drugstore

Ondřej Brádka is the author of our successful redesign of the largest drugstore chain in the Czech Republic. It is certainly also his merit that the new concept is commercially so successful and it is continuously gaining new customers still 3 years after remodeling. Ondřej has succeeded in creating a perfect design that fully meets the requirements of the product and brand look but also needs of our customers which in combination helps us to generate better business results. When designing, Ondřej also thinks of the demanding needs pushing on the price of selected materials and technologies so the realization was also very reasonably priced. Moreover, the whole concept is very flexible and modular, so we can quickly install each store (max. 1 day) and we can use every sales space available. We have worked with Ondrej for several years and also used him as a supplier when designing smaller projects.


I consider Ondřej a very experienced professional who can come up with completely new concepts while maintaining usability, feasibility and sense of detail. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is looking for a functional and beautiful design with original ideas.

Radek Škornička, TETA drogerie

Martin Kachlíř, Highland sport, owner

Ondřej Brádka is the only designer of our beautiful Highland Sport concept store selling mainly sport and outdoor equipment. His design turned out to be totally out of Czech standards. When I first saw his design proposal, I was literally breathless.


This is why I also assigned him the interior design of the neighbouring restaurant.

His creative ideas certainly exceed your expectations.

Petr Jungmann, T-Mobile

Petr Jungmann, T-Mobile,

Senior Shops Services Specialist

We have been cooperating with Ondřej on several projects, mainly on the project of our new modular mobile shop-in-shop T-Mobile, which repeatedly serves as a replacement for the shop in the shopping centres during the reconstructions or rebuilding.


We also cooperated with Ondřej on the development and implementation of the T-Mobile experience recharging table, which allows customers to recharge their phones at the stores and also use the tablet with Internet access.


I appreciate especially his good ideas, high creativity and emphasis on the true functionality of the design that Ondřej always puts into his work.