The original touchscreen kiosk for the Škoda car, which surpassed its time.

End Client: Škoda Auto

A competition announced by Škoda Auto

Created: 2003

Awards: 1. místo v designérské soutěži POI Škoda Auto

At a time when touch screens were in their diapers, and everything was solved by external components, Škoda Auto as one of the major technological innovators on the market, decided to launch a POI (point of information) competition for designers to create a revolutionary touchscreen kiosk. The kiosk was supposed to serve in car showrooms and at customer trade fairs so all information would be available in an interactive form.  I designed revolutionary touchscreens in 2 different versions that offered the possibility of adding technological upgrades such as a printer, a webcam or other attachments. Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided not finish the project for internal reasons, it remained with the study.