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AEG Electrolux

Two premium brands in one shop-in-shop location. Pretty together

and with the stamp of exclusivity. Where? In the dispensing area. The brand "store" of premium brands from the electrical segment is moving there.

This trend has been evident for the last few years and thus allows not only great visibility of the products themselves, but also direct interaction with customers, when it is

within the space it is possible to organize, for example, cooking shows or demonstrations of work with the appliances themselves. And all this provided the purchase on the Internet with a possible up-sale at the point of issue.

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Technology in your home ...

AEG Electrolux shop-in-shop evokes a cozy atmosphere thanks to wood, the combination of concrete and dark luxury surfaces evokes a modern and trendy home, while the light perfectly illuminates the products and their functions and thus gets them into the customer's field of vision. The solution also includes an open kitchen or multimedia equipment.

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