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Highland sport - exclusive movement

Highland sport is an exceptional feat in Czech retail. Premium concept of a sports equipment store, where exclusivity is combined with originality and a return to nature reflects the philosophy of the owner

and the author of the design. The solitary shop with equipment for nature thus offers customers an organically adapted space for nature, in which they will find not only a diverse range of outdoor equipment always adapted to the season, but also perfect customer service and added services. As is customary, for example, in alpine or Canadian shops with outdoor equipment. In addition, the store offers an associated restaurant, the design of which we also designed.

year: 2019 - 2021

client: GAS Slovakia sro

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Alps or Giant Mountains - mountain style knows no boundaries

Mountains penetrate the space. Glaciers, hills, cracks in the glass, forests full of wood, stones, mosses and other natural phenomena intertwine with the shop

in the form of natural materials, colors and shapes that create a harmonious

whole. Logs of wood, artificial stone, wooden decors or light effects creating the shape of an iceberg.

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