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La Fresca

návrh firemní restaurace

klient: HM Gastro Group s.r.o.  /  místo: BB Centrum Praha - budova Gamma


In the beginning it was paradise. Gardens. Full of taste, aroma, senses
and temptation.
We also approach the La Fresca restaurant.
A place where a diner finds an intoxicating mixture in a moment
free looking.
Pleasant environment full of greenery and nooks and crannies
to enjoy
delicious fresh food. With a nice smile from the staff. With colors and shapes that please the eye, with scents,
which are intoxicating
and tempting to return here. As well as to beloved Italy, whose link can also be found here.

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A little different

corporate restaurant

Organic shapes full of greenery, pleasant surfaces in the form of artificial stone or modern boards, as well as materials in the form of wooden decor or wall paneling bring a fresh breeze to the corporate restaurant segment. And not only thanks to the greenery and illuminated mossy nooks. Instead of classic modern dining rooms, expect the space of your favorite restaurant, where you will find lush greenery, wood, cozy nooks, comfortable seating, original glass sculptures evoking water and other stimuli bringing freshness, shine

and beauty. So that lunch, a meeting with a customer or an evening snack are a pleasure, not a necessary and normal part of the work routine.

Welcome to the new La Fresca restaurant.

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Freshness inspiration

and the liveliness of the garden

Just as good food must be cooked from quality ingredients, so the interior must evoke feelings of coziness and comfort to entice you. They have to draw you in, into the garden, to sit, on a plate of fresh and fragrant food. La Fresca proves that you will also find a garden full of pleasure at work, every day, all year round. Enjoy your meal.

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