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Branding and exhibition I love BIO

The organic cosmetics segment is often considered a niche market for a very narrow target group. And accordingly, the brands that have these products on offer are profiled accordingly. Today, however, natural cosmetics products are already rolling out common cosmetic brands, and so their communication is shifted among women who are conscious but like to take care of themselves. I love BIO offers a variety of brands from toothpastes to decorative cosmetics and offers a range of premium products. This is one of the reasons why a brand has been created under our wings, which successfully targets self-confident, educated and female customers. One that offers luxury care while respecting ecological principles and life balance.

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Beauty and femininity even in the organic segment ...

Branding combines love of nature and care in a gentle and modern logo and identity. This is then reflected in the modular design of the exhibition. In the future, the client also counts on the possibility of opening their own stone shop.

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