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"Important life values are in the circle. Life is created in a circle.

At the big bang, inside the planet, in the womb of a woman, in a drop of dew,

at the blink of an eye. It arises from the depths of the circle that is the bearer

and the mover of life. Everything is organic and round. Everything is approaching the shape of a circle. The circle is an emotional tool that combines strong values creating an infinite cycle. The life cycle. "

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and emotions

The design of the store should be what engulfs you, excites you and draws you inside. Into your bowels. It attracts you with its friendliness, openness, attractive appearance, pleasant colors that match the concept.

Not current trends, but originality, timelessness, thought, emotions. And also services that must excite the customer. This is a cocktail that is mixed in the new O2 stores.

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Inspiration through life
and its basics

Not only a new look, but also many functional elements

and equipment make the concept of O2 store stores

with high added value.

Central luminaires add emotion to the whole,

foliage and original circular element.

In an ideal store, the circle is an interactive centerpiece,

which with its gentle movement and return to nature draws in. The luminaires then evoke a starry sky full of sparkling energy.

O2 connects the future with the basic values ​​of man

and thus returns to the essence of everything. From the position of a technological giant, not only does he perceive the basic values ​​of life, but he wants to show his customers and the whole world through tempting

and an attractive circle-shaped window representing the services

and approach to the customer their true essence.

O2 54.jpg
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