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Pont to go

PONT to go is a chain of convenience stores located at the travel hubs at railway and bus stations or in medical facilities throughout the Czech Republic.
The inspiration for the shops came from the dynamics of intersecting star orbits and constellations, and the imaginary routes on which the stores are actually located.
Through design with a visionary view of the segment, PONT thus brings not only a visually and shape-unique solution, but also a whole range of ideas that can help the brand to improve perception and increase the overall penetration of the PONT to go brand on the Czech market. We managed to bring a number of elements to the concept, which should entice customers to impulse purchases of goods from flexibly placed baskets or from the fresh category. The design also includes a Minit sales counter with a bakery, fresh pastries and drinks, a wine rack or a stylish café with tables, stools and coffee machines.

year: 2019 - 2021

client: JP Servis as

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Cross-country on the road. Quickly and clearly.

The PONT to go convenience store is a place where the customer will find much more than they expect from such service. Customer feels comfortable here, he doesn't waste any time, wants to come back here for his favorite products, fresh coffee, good pastries, for a bottle of wine and a flower for his wife on the way home from work. For the saleswoman's smile. Qucikly or slowly as the train and time allows. Here you will find the services and environment you are looking for on your travels.

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Gradually. Organized.

What is important here is the orientation, clarity, speed, modularity necessary for the various places where the shops are located. All this in connection with transport junctions and crossings, the dynamics of shopping, limited shopping time, linearity, a strong shape connection to the logo. And so a concept was created that is contrasting, in motion, excites and attracts on your travels with the exterior with a clock.

It won't limit you. It will help you meet your current needs. Here and Now.

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