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The modular shop-in-shop rack solution for Bauhaus stores is used in 3 European countries. The stands are designed in a version for counter, stand or individual sales in the form of shop-in-shop.

Warm wood, elegant dark tones and matte surfaces, modularity

and the attractive appearance of the stands is the common denominator of the sales concept, which allows you to choose any color for your home.

The presented shop-in-shop solution also has a built-in tablet, which allows you to easily visualize your space in a color selected according to an extensive color swatch from a photo. In addition, you can simulate colors in different lighting conditions thanks to the light boxes.

And of course you can get selected samples on the cards

take it home from the store. And your dream home is at your fingertips.


Colorful world

housing ...

Colors are an integral part of our perception of the world.

And so it is crucial that we choose exactly the shades for our homes that are close to our eyes and hearts. One that creates an environment where we feel comfortable, where we are simply at home, in our own.

The unit is complemented by a system of stands, in which you will find thousands of shades on colored cards, along with several light boxes in which

you can easily try a shade of color in hot or cold

lightand color sample you can easily take home.

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