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Primalex essence

Colors are the basis of how we feel and how we behave.So you will definitely choose ones for your home that are pleasing to your eye, that create the emotions that you simply want in your home.

And that it's not just about which color you choose for your interior, the new shop-in-shop solution of the premium color brand Primalex essence in combination with the option of choosing wallpapers or home accessories from the LAVMI brand will convince you.

You can choose unique and exceptional combinations thanks to color-matched swatches, you can simulate your interior on a tablet with an interactive application and you will see everything in a light-framed space.

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Affordable luxury for your home ...

The whole concept for PPG evokes a feeling of coziness, purity and premiumity thanks to the use of warm wood and elegant black in combination with UV varnish. Everything is based on the idea of ​​Cozy House, which evokes a cozy atmosphere in the sales area of ​​interior colors.

Even though they are premium brands, they are still available to the average customer who wants to give his home a little luxury.

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