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At the beginning of any project is a vision ...
The vision creates the original idea, which gives direction to the future development of the whole process, including the entire philosophy. We incorporate these initial visions into each project so they become exceptional within their segment.
Our work always starts on white blank paper at the same time as the initial research of the whole project. This is followed by analyzes, sketches, descriptions, directions, ideas and all creative work aimed towards finding the right direction.
This is then presented as a proposal we call design idea.



Design is the main stage of the whole project for us.
It is key for all projects. It is now important to transfer the initial ideas into the connection between aesthetics and functionality. To design ... Give ideas life and visual form.

It all starts from scratch. We bring vision and come up with philosophy, we sketch and transfer ideas to blank paper. We design an interior with added value. Then we follow the next stages of the process that might include these ...

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360 °

As part of creating design outputs, we can offer you 360 ° view tours of your future space. You will get much better idea of the spatial arrangement than just with the basic 3D visualizations.

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If the static outputs are not suitable enough, you can look into your future space live! Thanks to the perfect virtual reality, it is possible to explore your interior, including all the details and ergonomics. You can walk into your new store or office as in the real world.

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Once the design is complete, it's time to turn your design into a real form ...

Putting design into reality is a key process that includes, depending on the complexity of the project, many steps leading to the successful operation of your business. We will be happy to help you out based on the needs of each project.

Technical development

Once your design is final, we hand it over to the manufacturer and its construction designers. They modify the design drawings into technical drawings, from which the manufacturer can produce everything you need for your custom interior. In cooperation, we fine-tune the technical documentation, check all details and adjust any inaccuracies. We will simply make sure that your project hits the spot.

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For the development of larger projects or specific functional elements, testing of ergonomics, full functionality and other features is key. Thanks to prototypes, we can fine-tune future elements into a perfect functional and aesthetic form. For retail concepts, we recommend choosing at least essential parts of the interior. You can then use the prototyped elements in your first pilot store.



We are able to reccommend manufactures, supervise or run the final production of products or interior units thanks to our professional partners from various production sectors.
If you do not have your own suppliers selected, we will be happy to help you in the phase of your dream becoming a reality.

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Technical Drawings

Projects are key to the adaptation of large retail units related to construction and other processes, including legislation. As part of comprehensive deliveries, we can also cooperate with our partners on a complete package of technical project documentation for your project.

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If you run a larger network of stores, you will need to work on individual adaptations as a part of the roll-out. We will help you to adapt the proposed design into the right shape so it will appear in the most suitable and consistent form, even in some atypical spaces.

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Do you want to be sure that your interior will look exactly as it was designed? Do you need to find an alternative solution with the manufacturer? Choose some suitable furniture in the showroom or pick some tiles? Do you need to discuss options with conservationists? We will help you. We will meet together with suppliers, consult solutions, select suitable materials for you, oversee the implementation ...

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