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T-mobile mobile kiosk

The shop-in-shop was designed as a full replacement for the store for the period of reconstruction of stone shops. It is modular in sizes 3x3 or 4x4m, demountable and reusable with the possibility of transport in adapted boxes on wheels. With its modernity, arrangement, use of materials, strategic lighting

and built-in interactive technologies completely deviated from it

from a number of common kiosks in shopping malls. The customer thus found in a small space all the services, technologies and products for which

is used to a regular store.

T 05.jpg

Quality materials that last

even repeated assemblies ...

The beauty of corian. Even so, it could be called a kiosk, the material composition of which is largely based on the selection of quality artificial stone, in this case corian. The coolness of the stone is then complemented by elements in the wooden decor, and of course by high-quality product lighting.

Thanks to this combination, the kiosk does not act as a cheap substitute and attracts customers to address and address their needs, despite the absence of individual service.

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