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TETA drugstores

The retail concept for the largest drugstore network in the Czech Republic was created, including development in over a year. We managed to get a lot of emotions, femininity, tenderness, and care into the stores. And because the customer is mostly a woman who wants to feel like a princess, we made her journey more pleasant with nice details such as luxurious-looking walls full of decorative cosmetics, tempting to try and buy. These allow you to really try cosmetics on your skin, even with the possibility of day or night make-up in the proper light set, which was a revolutionary novelty in the segment of mass brands at that time. Part of the stores is also a children's corner, which we will allow women to put their children aside for a while and just run into their world. Coffee is a matter of course. Free for Aunt customers. Proper lighting of the store was also key.
The aunt of the drugstore trod the pioneering direction in drugstore shopping
and cosmetics.

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Every woman is beautiful.

So little is enough ...

A wide range and the possibility of trying cosmetics, slowing down in everyday life. Inhale. Gentle tones, elegance and the security of a good purchase.
Women in the Aunt drugstore chain will find all this.

That focusing on women's needs and feelings showed the right way
and numbers, in the first years after the rebranding, sales increased by over 30% each year.

The aunt of the drugstore was not only involved in rebranding, but also in marketing and professional training of staff, and the combination of these ingredients brought a win win reward in the form of satisfied loyal customers and a well-functioning network.

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Store development

and patterning

Together with the client's production company, a modeled shop was created as part of the development in the production hall, where all the details of all elements, ergonomics or lighting conditions were tested. The client was thus able to see a functional solution for the entire network.

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