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The original design is full of the DNA of the company and combines 3 different owner approaches. It is enhanced by the atypical space of the roof oval glazed space of the Prague Karlín Butterfly building, in which the company is located.
This is one of the reasons why the design is very creative and functional at the same time, and thus satisfies the distinctive, at first glance incompatible worlds of IT geeks and creative souls at the same time. The design works with the motif of a corporate dragon, which is modeled from polygonal shapes. These then appear subliminally on many elements of the interior itself, whether it is the reception, furniture or, for example, upholstered "dragon cracks" intended for sitting or acting. The centerpiece of the interior is the soundproofed meeting room, which is cozy decorated with wooden slats. The interiors also include a creative chill-out zone or a multifunctional kitchen with a bar, and last but not least a wonderfull terrace sitting on the rooftop of the building.

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